Air Compressor Rentals in Roseville, MI

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Do you need to rent an air compressor?

With many different applications in which they can be used, air compressors can be extremely helpful around the house or as a backup for your business. No matter if you need a small or large one, Metro Air Compressor has a compressor that will fit your needs. With over one hundred years of combined experience, our team knows the ins and outs of air compressors and will pair you with the perfect one for your specific project.  

In order to choose the correct air compressor rental for your needs, you should consider three factors: 

  • Capacity: This involves the number of tools that the air compressor will be able to power. More tools mean more capacity needed, which is correlated to the amount of air that a unit can produce. Larger projects will need equipment that can handle a greater air capacity. 
  • Pressure: While most tools need a pressure of 90 PSIG to work optimally, some require less or more. We’ll be able to help with this measurement, simply let us know the tools you’ll be using to be powered by the air compressor. 
  • Power: The third factor of a rental compressor is its power needs, measured in horsepower (HP). Higher capacity and higher pressure requires more horsepower, and we’ll be able to recommend a compressor that factors this in. 

The benefits of choosing Metro Air Compressor for your rental needs include:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Over 60 compressors in fleet at any given time
  • 5hp-300hp available
  • Piston and lubricated screw compressors available
  • Compressed air dryers available
  • Delivery and pick up offered
  • Hose and wire available
  • Short-term or long-term rentals
Whether you need a rental for planned maintenance or an emergency, we can help you. Call (800) 835-2820 at any time, day or night, and we will send someone out with a rental compressor for your needs.